A Solve-and-Earn Tokenomy Platform

A Solve-and-Earn Tokenomy Platform NODAJI will be a global problem-solving platform based on a token economy. All problems, regardless of genre, will be stored in a central location, ranging from trivia to quiz and some hard issues. The platform will aim to provide a one-stop-shop for all kinds of problems, ranging from trivia to quiz and some hard issues. The community of online solvers is a helpful and fair one. People join the community in order to solve problems and learn something new. If a challenger solves a problem correctly, they earn a point or mileage, called a nickel. There are many challenges to choose from, so there is something for everyone. This system is transparent and ensures that everyone has a fair chance of success. Nickel, as the name suggests, has a value of 5 US cents. You can earn more nickels by solving more problems. To use nickels in real life, you need to convert them into NDJ tokens, which have a value of 1 U.S. Dollar on a blockchain network. In order to obtain one U.S. Dollar, you must have a minimum of twenty nickels. Once you have acquired the required amount of nickels, you can use them like US Dollars for transferring, purchasing, exchanging, saving, etc. We believe the NDJ token to be the most stable and trustworthy in the world. This is a result of its 1:1 USD collateral, with U.S. Dollars backed by NDJ tokens deposited in a trustworthy bank.

The etymology of NODAJI comes from at the end of the Joseon Dynasty around 1900, in Unsan, Pyeongan-do, in what is now North Korea, where the United States received and operated gold mines from Joseon. There is a story that when Korean miners found gold veins, the American manager told them “Don’t touch” but Koreans could not understand what it meant. Thus, they told them “No Touch” and the words “No Touch” were mistakenly heard as “No Daji (노다지)” in Korean. Since then, Korean people use the word Nodaji as finding valuable things or getting a windfall. Because solving problems seems like finding or mining gold veins, we adopt it as the name of our platform service, app, and token name. NDJ tokens can either be saved or used like normal currency. When you actively participate in solving activities or hold a certain amount of them over a specific period, you are eligible for dividends, interests, and a voting right that allows you to join the decision-making process and help manage the platform. Like an implication from the word NODAJI, we hope that you will soon find yourself in the midst of a bonanza of problem-solving.

By questing into the realm of problems, you can learn and earn from them. Best of luck to you all!

Service is coming soon!

A Global Solve-and-Earn Tokenomy Platform


Earn rewards for your efforts that you put in problem solving activities



We want to build up a global problem-solving and earning platform, covering up broad spectrum of problems such as trivia, quiz, puzzle, exam, poll, survey, prediction, technical hard issues, and all the problems that you name it.


When you try to do something for solving problems, you will get rewards for your efforts. For each problem, you will earn a nickel equivalent to the value of US 5-cents and use it for what you want to do after converting nickels into a nodaji (NDJ) token with 1 US dollar value.


You can save the nodaji tokens like normal money or use it. When you actively join activities or own certain amount of it in a specific period, then you will have a qualification to have a voting right, dividends and interests.

Token Distribution


5%Future Growth

15% Foundation

3% IDO

4.5% Marketing

50% Token Pool

0.5% Pre-Sales

12% DeFi Services



Developing a problem solve-and-earn platform service (MVP)

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Jan 1st, 2023


Private pre-sales (1st sale: 1 NDJ token = 0.01 USD, 2nd sale: 0.1 USD, 3rd sale: 0.3 USD, 4th sale: 0.5 USD, 1 NDJ is finally pegged to 1 USD)

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Apr 16th, 2023

Platform Service

Launching a problem solve-and-earn ecosystem

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Jun 1st, 2023

IDO and Listing at DEXes

Fundraising by IDO (3% tokens at 0.8 USD) and listing NDJ tokens in major DEXes

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Oct 1st, 2023

Listing at CEXes

Listing NDJ tokens in major CEXes

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Feb 1st, 2024

DeFi Services

Providing DeFi services in a prediction market

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Oct 1st, 2024

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Myongsu Choe

Founder (Computer Scientist, Professor)

Andre Doria

Project Evangelist

Sung-Euk Lee


Seyoung Choe

Legal Advisor


If you have any problems or prediction topics to be posted at our NODAJI platform, please submit it to us. And we will give you rewards ranging from 1 to 10 NDJs for your contributions, if your suggestion is to be chosen by our internal reviews.